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Casual Streaming Piracy and the Cost of Chasing it

At 纽约流媒体, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel around stream security. It's probably the fifth or sixth time that I've done so in the last decade, but an interesting dichotomy popped up during the prep meeting with panelists, and again while we were on stage during the live session. The concept was "casual piracy" and how it differed from "professional piracy" in both intent and scale.


这篇专栏并不是要让人沮丧, especially because the overall economy seems to be plugging along. But it is meant to ask those of you in the industry to share anecdotes and stories about the pain points you're facing. We know that everything in streaming has its price, but you are in a better position to help us fully understand what that price entails.


From war crimes to war crime tribunals and war commemorations, how do we guarantee that content is available to play?

Do Our Technology Advances Slow Down Justice?

远不是稀缺的内容, the integration of streaming into professional- and citizen-based news-gathering has generated such a monumental level of potential war-crime footage that every day sees an additional 10-100 documented cases of crimes against humanity. And this increased footage brings with it both greater accountability and a significantly higher backlog of cases that need to be tried.


Tim Siglin reflects on his 25-year-long career as a writer, 教练, and consultant in the streaming industry along with his professional partnership with Eric Schu­macher-Rasmussen.


What do Lewis Carroll, OTT subscriptions, and submarine power cables have in common? 继续读下去!


One of the unheralded shifts spurred on by the COVID pandemic has been an increase in the number and types of organizations that are creating and distributing their own video content.


The past 18 months have seen no shortage of mergers and acquisitions, and it has me wondering if all this consolidation will lead toward innovation. 我的直觉告诉我不行, 许多业内权威人士对此表示赞同, but it could bring improvements to the customer experience.


有垃圾? The Help Me Stream 研究 Foundation can take your tech castoffs and use them to research better streaming practices, repurposing it into efficient and inexpensive solutions that can run on intermittent power—dovetailing with the efforts of another new organization, 流媒体绿化.

Why Is Watching Sports on OTT Harder Than Watching on TV?

Streaming is supposed to provide a better experience than television. So why is watching the Euro 2020 on the ESPN app such a poor experience?

从Zoom Fatigue到Serendipity

这是3月. 再一次。. 我们还在追查极速. It's been a lifeline, but it'll never replace in-person meetings and conferences.


From the rise of Zoom to the fall of MPEG, 2020 has been a year of surprises.

Is the Pandemic the Death Knell for the Multiplex?

In a world dominated by streaming, cinemas still offer the optimal viewing experience for movies. OTT永远无法取代这一点.


Live streaming brought the launch of Endeavour into our living rooms, and inspired our imaginations to quest for what lies beyond

Shouldering Our Responsibility to Educate the Streaming Market

As companies and individuals pivot online in the "new normal," it's up to us in the streaming industry to put education ahead of profit


A look at streaming media's past can give us guidance on our journey toward where we're heading next


Whether we're talking about content delivery, 球员的表现, 生活事件, 甚至DRM, it's important to understand the algorithms that make streaming video tick.

Netflix's Stock Price Tumbles as Higher Prices Lead to Churn

为什么Netflix的股价在第二季度下跌? Because the OTT leader's price increase lead to service cancellations. That's a warning to all SVODs: If it can happen to Netflix, it can happen to any service.

Engineering Women: IBC Plays Host to a Powerful Force for Change

Women in 流媒体 has announced a mentoring program to encourage and empower talented women in the industry.

Two Quick-Fix Solutions That Became Long-Term Problems

When will the industry jettison HTTP-segment-based streaming and buffer-based playback, 这两者都阻碍了我们? How about right now, our columnist proposes.